User Guide: Customizing Your Security Portal

There are many options to ensure that your Security Portal meets your brand guidelines and marketing team requirements. See below for the customization options currently available.

Have something else you would like to be able to customize? Let us know!

How to see customization options:

  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen

What you can customize:

  • Colors:
    • Customize your Security Portal colors to match your branding
    • image
  • Logo and favicon
    • Drag and drop your logo that will show on your Security Portal
    • image
    • Drag and drop your preferred favicon to show when someone searches for your URL
    • image
  • Open graph image
    • Customize the image that will show when you share your Security Portal on social media sites (including LinkedIn)
    • image
  • Brand emails that are initiated by the SafeBase platform (Premium and Enterprise plans)