User Guide: What is a Security Portal?

What is a Security Portal?

The Security Portal contains information about your company's security program. It is organized in categories that allows customers and prospects to quickly find the details they are looking for as part of their review process. This is how the Security Portal looks like after a user has signed an NDA and has private access.


How do customers review the contents of a Security Portal?

They just have to click on each card on the Security Portal to review the contents of the card in the side panel. Line items inside a card that contain files have an option for the user to download the file. Note that this view is only visible after a user has requested access to the Private Security Portal.


How do customers upload a security questionnaire?

Some customers may still require vendors to fill out a custom questionnaire. They can upload their security questionnaires by clicking on the Upload link in the message box at the top of the screen. In the event of a portal, they may submit a portal link as well.


How do they ask a question on the Security Portal?

After clicking on a Security Portal card, a side panel with detailed information slides out. There is a comment box under each item in the side panel. Typing questions or comments into this box will send the message to you.