Uploading a Questionnaire From a Customer

Sometimes customers may choose to send a questionnaire via email. To help organize this, we have the ability for a SafeBase user to upload a questionnaire and associate it with a customer Account.

To upload a questionnaire, first ensure that it is in .xlsx, .xlsm, or .docx format if you are uploading a file.

Login to SafeBase and find the Account associated with the questionnaire. Towards the bottom of the page you will see a section for Questionnaires.


On the right, you can either upload a file or paste a link to a portal questionnaire.

Once the questionnaire has been uploaded, you will see an entry in the table with the uploader’s name and the time & date.


Files can be downloaded by clicking on the arrow icon next to the filename.

Note: This activity will also trigger a Slack notification if the Slack integration has been configured.